It’s tomorrow but I got a jump on it before the lines get too long. National Donut Day is June 1 and Mary’s Donuts in Santee and Lakeside are gearing up for the big day. Mary’s has a loyal following because they make donuts by hand and sure to be fresh.  The dough is raised in proofing boxes and hand fried, then glaze is applied.

The Lakeside location is the newer sister to the Santee shop and both are open 24/7. Santee has classic donuts and Lakeside a bit edgy like these PB bear claw, Oreo cookie and fruity pebbles toppings.

Apple fritters and Old Fashions are famous here and well, they insisted I try them warm! Many people have their picture on the wall from the years of visiting Mary’s Santee location and are loyal customers.

Be prepared for National Donut Day!

Mary’s Donut’s

8959 Carlton Hills Blvd, Santee, Ca and 10101 Maine Ave, Lakeside