It so happened that some distant relatives in Utah contacted me about visiting Slovenia since I am now the professed family expert about invading their quiet country.  I didn’t know these relatives but decided it was high time to do so and since my niece lives in Utah, sounded like a road trip to me.  My mom, who is a cousin to some of these kin was excited to meet them for the first time and we all arrived with family pictures and many stories to share. The Utah relatives are mostly bee keepers and they showered us with bottles of honey to bring home which we shared with our relatives who could not attend the festa.

The family arranged a beautiful lunch in the La Jolla Groves Restaurant, Provo, and we had a good Slovenian Yack festival which lasted for hours.  We noted physical similarities between family members and experienced instant bonding among our newly discovered family.  The weather was mild with some falling snowing flakes and the snow capped mountains were very scenic. 

It was a tremendous experience for us all and we are planning for future family gatherings.