There’s other ways to eat crème brulee and still enjoy the crackling caramelized top by biting into a fresh creation from the Donut Bar. Real vanilla bean and thick custard filled the soft yeast dough prepared just right and offered the same delightful satisfaction of eating crème brulee from a dish.

The Donut Bar, new to downtown San Diego was recently opened by husband and wife team Santiago Campa and Wendy Bartels after deciding extraordinary donuts with a twist was the right business for them.

All donuts are made with the season’s best ingredients and not mass produced like a typical shop. During the day, Wendy can be seen through the front window delicately dipping round and long delicious treats into small batches of frosting and hand finishing each one. I had the pleasure of watching her artfully use a butane torch to complete the s’mores donuts as if it was fireside at the beach.

The maple bacon caramel bar and Julian apple fritters are customer favorites and clientele input has helped them whip up variations adding a new dimension in the glass display case.

 Saturday mornings are known to have long lines of excited customers, some to escape their troubles and others to try the newest sweet to go with the $1 cup of coffee. Whatever the reason for the tasty experience, people are chatting and smiling with anticipation for the daily selections. And there’s just something about a cardboard box with a dozen donuts carried out that raises the eagerness.

Facebook keeps customers updated about the changing varieties and sold out means, get there early next time.

Santiago is working diligently with the building refurbishing and the upper floor will be a lounging area giving customers a place to relax and watch 2,000 donuts a day go out the door in happy hands.

Donut Bar

631 B St, San Diego, Ca 92101

Phone 310. 625.5571

Hours: 7:00 AM-5:00 PM Monday-Friday, Saturday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM, closed Sunday. Donuts can sell out early!

Daily donut flavors are listed at

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