Alberts Restaurant

Alberts Restaurant photo courtesy of San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

The county is 4200 sq miles and in one day you can drive from the ocean to the mountains and desert. The scenery changes within an hour depending on the direction you travel seeing palm trees, pine trees and cactus.

Fast take out Mexican food is abundant.  Nearly every residential area has a taco shop, and locals have their favorites for a carne asada burrito. Popping up is the addition of Birria Mexican food. The tacos are filled with a rich beef stew and consommé sauce is provided for dipping. There are many varieties like queso tacos and birria ramen so be adventurous with this flavorful food.

BBQ joints have sprouted up all around the county.  Texas style is prominent with other bbq places touting best brisket and pulled pork.  Sides of beans, cole slaw and onions rings round out the meal.  You’ll have to decide which bbq is your favorite after eating at a few of the casual and relaxed restaurants.

Desserts are plentiful around town.  Many French bakeries make flaky croissants and beautiful creamy desserts. Try the circular croissant with raspberry or Nutella filling. If ice cream is a favorite, specialty ice cream shops with homemade traditional and exotic flavors are especially popular in the summer.

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