Snap the crunchy New York pickle in half and bite into the flavors of a real dill pickle!

If you have been raised eating pickles from jars purchased in a grocery store, the pickles from Pickle Guys in New York City brings pickle eating to a whole new level.

My San Diego transplanted Jewish friend from New York told me to try the pickles on Essex Street in Lower Manhattan and so my friend and I crossed Delancey Street to the pickle shop.  The place is small and they do their own brining for people who love true pickling. We tasted pickled cauliflower, full sour pickles, carrots and everything else in the barrels and decided they were the best tasting pickled items we ever ate.  

On our most recent trip to the city, we loaded up on quarts of half sours (dills), sweet gherkins, pickled tomatoes, horseradish and even pickled string beans. The “guys” (employees) at Pickle Guys engage the customers in New York style slang and are helpful with packaging up orders to go in a New York minute. When we returned home,   awaiting family and friends started chomping on the pickles enjoying each juicy bite.  49 Essex St, NYC  1-888-4pickle