Chef Roy Choi prepares his famous Korean bbq

Chef Roy Choi prepares his famous Korean BBQ

The multitude of cooking shows on television makes it appear simple to gain celebrity status as a fun, serious, or colorful chef.   But there’s much more to it.

Culinary schools abound with  tuition costs from moderately priced to very expensive.  Potential students believe the reputations of the college will open doors. Of course, honed skills in the kitchen are just the beginning.  An aspect which resonates with aspiring culinary students is the dream to become the best in their chosen field.

I had the opportunity to speak with Roy Yamaguchi, founder of the famous Roy’s of Hawaii restaurants, and asked him how one becomes a renowned chef.   Roy said it is important to attend a good culinary school, but first research the schools to learn their status and costs.  Next, get a four year degree.  Each level of education is a foundation to build on.  All things may be equal with a top notch and creative chef, but over time those with advanced degrees will rise above those without college degrees.

Chef Roy Yamaguchi, founder of Roy's Restaurants

Chef Roy Yamaguchi, founder of Roy’s Restaurants

Popular Korean chef, Roy Choi, owner of Kogi BBQ Korean food trucks, also has suggestions for those seeking celebrity chef status.   He said it’s only natural to want to be a chef of notoriety but one must look to their elders early in their careers.  Ambitious students and future chefs need to be trained by a seasoned chef and chart the right course for their career.  He believes it’s very important to be taught the ropes and get a good education.

Chefs Yamaguchi and Choi are both passionate about their work and their shared insights are reflected in one aspiring chef, Derrick Foster.  After graduating from a culinary school, Derrick worked in restaurant kitchens. The hard work and long hours were very demanding and he changed his career track by enrolling in a local college to earn a degree in food and nutrition.  His occupational goal is to develop healthy food products for companies by utilizing his expanded education and experience.  He may not get celebrity status but his future does hold a lot of promise.

It’s one thing to be a great cook, but it’s another entirely to continue in the culinary business and become a successful celebrity chef.


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