Yes, its summer and school is out and that’s probably why our flights to Minneapolis were crammed with families and lots of young children. Our first leg of the journey had only one seat left and a rather snoddy person thought she could have me moved from my comfy aisle seat to the middle seat.  Nope, not happening was my response and this too late to the game passenger sandwiched herself in the middle seat which didn’t please her at all.  I enjoyed my aisle seat.

As we descended into Denver there was a lot of turbulence and the kids thought it was fun, like a roller coaster ride. With each wave of bumps and movement they yelled with excitement and wanted more while the white knuckled passengers said their Hail Marys!

Toward the end of our next connecting flight, the captain announced we were making our approach into Minneapolis, ah, almost off that crowded plane I said to myself when suddenly, he jerked the plane up and we gained speed and altitude.   As we circled around, he told the passengers we were coming in too fast and there was a 757 taking off too slowly so up we went.  I’m so glad the air traffic controller wasn’t asleep!