Just had to stop at John Mull’s BBQ and Road Kill Grill in North Las Vegas on the way home, after all, it had been featured on Guy Fieri’s DDD show. It seemed to be out in nowhere land and through an older residential neighborhood until the dirt lot with lots of cars appeared. People stood in line to place their order for lunch and some were buying fresh meats at the retail section.
In the back of the store were briskets wrapped for smoking and ribs hot and juicy ready for hungry customers. Lunch of pulled pork, rib tips, tri tip and baked beans were delicious. Next time you’re looking for pigs ears, hog heads or beef heart to cook, this is the place!
Tri Tip, pulled pork, rib tips

Tri Tip, pulled pork, rib tips

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3730 Thom Blvd
Las Vegas, NV
www.JohnMullsMeats.com  ‪