Please note-Old Trieste has permanently closed

Old Trieste on Morena Blvd has been a landmark Italian restaurant for 52 years. Owner Larry was raised in the restaurant and shared the history with me. When his dad bought the place it was a bar, the Satellite Room.  He pointed to the wood paneled walls and said those are the original and ceiling lights no longer working used to mimic stars. There were 4 bars on lonely Morena Blvd and the ocean could be seen since freeway 5 wasn’t built yet.

He wouldn’t allow me to take pictures because he has an older and regular clientele and doesn’t want any diners disturbed. Its old school with leather booths, hanging pleated drapes and an aroma of character. The food was good and I visualized Bette Davis and Robert Mitchum at the dark and cozy bar with Joe the bar tender who makes a stiff drink and keeps the stories to himself.

Old Trieste Restaurant

2335 Morena Blvd, San Diego, Ca 619.276.1841