Budapest from the Hilton on Castle Hill

Looking out the window while landing in Budapest airport, I watch buses take people from the tarmac to the airport terminal.  Is this like London’s Heathrow where passengers are bussed across tarmacs?   We walked down the short flight of stairs from the plane to the tarmac and walk into a transportation bus.  Many people are ready for the cold with fur lined hats and long heavy coats and they remain quiet as they board the bus with some luggage.  Inside the airport is a small baggage claim area with few carousels and soon we discover one of our suitcases is missing from the flight.  Not new to this adventure of lost luggage, we fill out the paperwork have it stamped for some unknown reason by the customs agent and then find our taxi driver waiting for us.  Lets not let the missing suitcase put a damper on the trip but it is aggravating.

High on top of the hill is our hotel in the Castle area and immediately I feel back in the old world.  Quaint shops and cobble stoned streets the area has been rebuilt since the destruction of the war and its old world atmosphere is in tact.