Our Happy New Year began as we stepped onboard Korean Air’s huge Airbus 380 plane and were escorted to our business class seats on the second level.  I was in awe seeing the entire second floor of the plane configured with all business class seats.  The flight attendants gave us a warm welcome and I pulled out the silk eye mask and mister in the amenity kit.  Time to relax while the crew pampered us and our journey to South East Asia took off.

Crabmeat appetizer before dinner

A long flight goes by quickly with gracious flight attendants, delicious food and the Celestial Lounge.  During the flight while others were sound asleep, I walked to the lounge at the back of the plane and ordered a martini. The fight attendant made it right before me and I enjoyed sipping it as I sat in the Star Trek looking lounge. Such a nice break during the long flight.

I’ve flown many US airlines in first and business class, and its true what I have heard about the level of service with Asian airlines. Korean Air’s impeccable service is superb and I plan to fly them whenever I can.  Where to next? Hum…

I love the stainless steel chopsticks!