After months of planning, we were on our way to Tokyo on Japan Airlines for a two week cruise to visit Japan, China and Hong Kong. It’s true about Asian Airlines giving the best service. The crew on this flight were very welcoming and efficient with boarding passengers quickly.  Once I stepped onto the plane, the small  flight attendant insisted on handling my carry-on luggage and placing it in the overhead bin. They even provided relaxing wear, slippers and Shiseido cosmetic products. Oh yes, champagne too!  I was fortunate to use frequent flier miles to book first class and now I’m spoiled.

The next day, I set out to explore Tokyo on foot and saw this remarkable temple and lush grounds sitting back from the small street. Kukai 774-835, Japanese Buddhist Monk, scholar and poet wrote extensively about his Buddhist beliefs throughout his life and his statue is located at Sogonji Temple.  Near the end of his life he completed Treatise on The Ten Stages of the Development of Mind.

Very thought provoking in modern times such as we live now.