Sunday morning as I walked to the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki, I saw this cute couple sitting at the bus stop. I stopped and chatted with them while they were waiting the bus to church. Gary and Taemi live in Honolulu but he was wearing a Raiders face mask. Turns out Gary was raised in Alameda, CA thus being a Raiders fan. (you know my mom is one too).

They were a lovely couple to meet on a Sunday morning.

The Royal Hawaiian opened in 1927 and is the “Pink Palace of the Pacific”.  A walk through the hotel shows why it’s called the Pink Palace, the legendary color is throughout the 15 acres including buildings, umbrellas and parking pylons.

I sat outside soaking in the fresh air at the Surf Lanai and ordered the signature Pink Palace Pancakes, bacon and coffee.  The pancake color comes from beet powder and served with haupia (coconut) sauce and toasted coconut.  I savored the breakfast while looking at the beautiful waters and a view to Diamond Head.  Does breakfast have to end?


Driving to the North Shore on Oahu is a throwback to years past and a fun outing for the day. Shrimp trucks line the beaches with shrimp from local aquaculture farms. The typical shrimp plate is cooked in butter and garlic and served with rice.

Shrimp Shack is parked next to an old general store, Ching’s. The family sells homemade banana bread and fishing supplies. Still hungry, we drove up the road to Ted’s Bakery selling their famous chocolate haupia pie.

The traffic can be heavy on weekends but take your time and soak it all in.

The older hotels and restaurants in Honolulu should not be missed to soak in a true feeling of old Hawaii.