BBQ in St Louis, how could we not try it!  Bogart’s Smokehouse, near downtown is where we had our Uber driver take us after many positive recommendations.  Usually there is a long line, but our timing was right and we walked right in.  Chris ordered ribs and the meat fell off the bones which would satisfy the hungriest of rib eaters. I was told by a devoted customer to order the burnt ends sandwich and layer it with beans then the coleslaw. The suggested combo sandwich was delicious and very filling.

We had an informative talk with Mike Macchi the owner who explained St Louis style ribs are the cut of the rib and he prefers to serve ribs with lots of pork. He was born and raised here and proud to serve great food in his home town. Good for you Mike and your team!

Dinner on The Hill, an old Italian section of St Louis. Italian restaurants, deli’s and residential houses are what The Hill is about. We met cousin Amanda and her husband Phil at Gian-Tony’s Ristorante and started with toasted ravioli and fried artichokes. Toasted ravioli are a St. Louis staple, so we just had to order them as an appetizer.  Crispy fired and served with marinara sauce, I think it’s an acquired taste.

We also dined on the most scrumptious eggplant parmesan and linguini con pesce followed. Chef/owner Tony Catarinicchia stopped by our table and we pronounced the meal as delizioso!

Bogart’s Smokehouse 1627 S. 9th ST, St. Louis, MO

Gian-Tony’s 5356 Dagget Ave, St. Louis, MO