Not my usual post about food (next time), but we really got “local” in Hoi An, Vietnam!

Chris had an exciting rickshaw ride and I had a massage and later threading of the eyebrows. His rickshaw ride was $5 and I saw him parade around the corner as if he was the King.

I was enjoying an iced Vietnamese coffee in a little café and asked where I could get a massage. Right away, the man called someone and walked me across the bridge to a woman who was ready to assist at her massage business.  I laid on the table and the small woman straddled my back and in-between relaxing strokes, she pounded me with her fists. Only $20 and knots in the back gone.  The massage room was set up different than I’m used to with many massage tables in one room. I was relieved that no one else was in the room getting a massage or watching mine. The place was clean and family members were present, even the kids were eating lunch.

After my massage, and back at the café, a woman approached and asked if she could thread my eyebrows. She wouldn’t take no for an answer, so I finally gave in, besides I needed a brow clean up.  After threading the brows, she used her sharp thread which was wrapped around her fingers and bounced the string over my face.  I can say it does the job but ouch, painful stinging as she worked her string.

Our day in Hoi An was eventful to say the least.