Sail away from New York crossing the Atlantic to Portugal on the Azamara Journey with 700 passengers.  How fascinating it is to pass the Empire State building and Statue of Liberty with picture post card views.  Always a beautiful view to behold.

After two days, we docked in Hamilton, Bermuda and I was ready to walk around the city. I was impressed how lush and colorful the British territory of Bermuda is.

The Bermudian dollar is equal to the US dollar but not many bargain items can be found here! Be careful crossing the street, they drive on the opposite side of the road like, well, England.  And, the old image of the man directing traffic while wearing Bermuda shorts is no more. How disappointing for tourists expecting to take pictures of him in motion!

Fish and more fish on the island of Bermuda. Plus the must have Dark and Stormy drink made with ginger beer and local rum. I stepped into a restaurant supply store which was fully stocked with goodies, and the Italian chef on the scooter had purchased dishes for his restaurant and off he went after we said good bye.