Each trip to San Francisco, I find my way to the Italian section of San Francisco known as North Beach.  The steep streets and narrow buildings have a real feel of the early days in this section of the city where Italians settled and opened restaurants.

Molinari Deli is a century old salami making company and a sandwich from their Italian deli in North Beach is a must. The Molinari Special is loaded with 5 different meats but first you choose the roll from the bin and then they whip up the sandwich.


Vince at Molinari’s has been in the deli business for many years and knows the best makings of a torpedo, Dagwood, sub, whatever you want to call it, all good.

One of my very favorite desserts is put into a white box and wrapped with string.  And that’s why I always sneak a piece of Sacripantina cake at Stella’s on Columbus St whenever I’m in town. The light sponge cake layered with zabaglione cream and marsala is heavenly. I saw the bakers hard at work in the kitchen making sheets of dough for Napoleon puff pastry, whipping cream and toasting cake crumbs for the topping​ of my favorite cake. Can I just stay here with the aromas and tastes transporting me from our crazy world!


Molinari Deli

373 Columbus Ave, San Francisco



Stella Pastry & Cafe

446 Columbus Ave, San Francisco