scissors to buy

All types of scissors made in Germany

A good night’s sleep after a long day’s journey and I’m ready for the day to unfold.  I ate a hearty breakfast of bread, cheese, meats and beautiful coffee cake.  The Christmas markets were a short walk down a busy intersection with department stores and then I spotted red and white chateau buildings decorated with sleighs and lights.

Immediately I smelled grilled bratwurts floating through the air! I watched the grilling station for lots of different wursts swirl around the wood fire and had one speared and put in a brochen roll with lots of mustard.  Ah, I live for bratwurst in Germany.  Walking down the many stalls and vendors, I came across a large display of scissors, lots of scissors and tweezers.  I didn’t know there could be so many choices of stainless instruments and tools and soon I was gathering a pile as gifts.  How many times have I’ve heard friends and family say “where’s the scissors”  this will help out those situations at least temporarily.

The beehive stall was loaded with pure honey products and beeswax candles which I gladly bought for myself and a few other lucky ones.

A very popular hangout was the hot soup stall in this cold weather.  Many delicious varieties like goulash and ever popular potato soup with sausage were served in soup tureens and when the tureen is returned, the deposit was returned.

There was an obvious American slurping soup and wearing a Steelers hat and then the woman who lives in town and was there to meet her husband but first got her bowl of soup.  This stall is only during Christmas time and greatly appreciated by many people during the season and on cold evenings.

Frankfurt Christmas markets have much to offer and the crunchy bratwurst with lots of mustard was worth the long flight to Germany.