My ice cream maker has been working overtime and the results were very delicious!

I made many different varieties and each with their own personality.  Lemon is refreshing on hot days and Super Lemon ice cream is made sweet and tart by using home grown lemon juice and zest. Creamy and lemony makes a delightful combination.

How fun was the strawberry ice cream to make with strawberries soaked in vodka. Since I had so many strawberries, I soaked them in vodka for several hours and then mashed them into small pieces. Once the ice cream custard base started churning in the mixer, I added the strawberries. What a festive after dinner dessert.

I confess, I’m a bourbon lover and when I found a recipe for Mint Julep ice cream, I had to make it. The mixture was made with fresh mint and Jack Daniel’s whiskey.  The Jack Daniels was subtle and the mint pleasing.  This batch was my Derby winner.

I thought the ice cream recipe, Maple Bacon Crunch Ice Cream would be tricky to make, but it was worth a try. I followed the directions in spite of my doubts and it came together perfectly.

The ice cream mixture has cream and Vermont maple syrup. And the brittle has smoked bacon and a pinch of cayenne.  Oh, a sweet and slightly spicy kick!