Baja style seafood and European pastries in Bonita and dangerously close to each other. TJ Oyster Bar on Bonita Rd, fresh and original, like these smoked tuna fries which were every bit as good as carne asada fries.tuna fries_edited

Empapelado, fish filet simmering in onions, tomatoes, olives and savoy juices. Easy to taste the homemade goodness. #TJoysterbar

empapelado_editedTrekked over to Hans and Harry Bakery where the European trained pastry chefs show off artistic, delightful fruit strudel and have bountiful pastries filled with Bavarian cream.


TJ Oyster Bar 4410 Bonita Rd, Bonita, Ca

Hans and Harry Bakery 5080 Bonita Rd, Bonita Ca  www.

hans bakery_edited