fresh fish with drunken cherry sauce

Searsucker, the much talked about restaurant in the Gaslamp area of San Diego and I feared it was only for the young and beautiful.  How wrong I was! But to be safe, we arrived when the bar opened at 5PM and ready for dinner at 5:30PM.

We started at the bar and I had a Coyote drink made with cinnamon bourbon, ginger, beer and bitters.  In large glass jars above the bar are their own house made infused liqueurs, very unique.  An appetizer of sauteed mushrooms with Burrata cheese and grilled toast was just the right amount with the drinks.  Once seated at our dining table,  I noticed the patrons were not all 25 years old and looking like a Barbie doll!   I finally relaxed.

Our waiter was attentive and immediately cheese puffers were brought to the table to munch on while ordering our meal. The first dish of braised Brussels sprouts was the best I had eaten.  No bitter taste, made just right with oil and walnuts blending into the sprouts.  I ordered Corvina fish with drunken cherries and smoke almonds, nice and meat with a tangy sweet sauce.  The next side dish was fennel fingerling potatoes and an egg yolk to top it.  The dish was hot and the yolk mixed right in leaving no undercooked yolk.  My husband had hangar steak with smoked tomato and 51 Mineshaft blue cheese. It was a winner.

Before dessert arrived I sipped my freshly made coffee and noticed diners coming in all ages, sizes and styles.  The wait staff were personable and we did not feel rushed.  Dessert was regal with red velvet cake topped with a white chocolate bar and raspberry coulis.  The king sundae of peanut butter ice cream with bacon honey caramel bits and sliced glazed bananas was over the top, rich and delicious yet too good to quit eating it after a lovely dining experience.

I can’t wait to return for Sunday brunch with a big appetite.