so many places for shoes

Travels are exciting with exotic or far away destinations, soaking up the culture, visiting renowned museums or accomplishing spectacular hiking trails.

For me, it’s all about shoes!  I never met a shoe I didn’t like and even if I would most likely twist an ankle wearing the beauty, I can still caress the design and dream of wearing them.

Not that I don’t pack plenty of shoes, I do, and they usually go in my luggage first and then clothes to match to the shoes.  But I am always on the look out for new shoes wherever I travel, in a sense, it’s a destination calling.

Lausanne, Switzerland, I bought a gorgeous pair of Bruno Magli’s leather flats while my husband bought a Swiss Army Knife.  And in Italy, the weather turned warm so I just had to buy a pair of Fly Flots sandals made in Italy.  It was hot and humid and I really needed open toed shoes.

And how could I visit Argentina with their famous and inexpensive leathers and not buy a pair of shoes?  The intricate woven sandals fit my feet just right for the streets of Buenos Aires.

In the midst of planning my next travel adventure, be winter or summer, I know there will be a pair of shoes calling my name or begging me to take home in my suitcase!