On a windy day in Kobe, Japan, I went into Evian Coffee Shop to find out how coffee brewed the siphon way is prepared and tasted.  I sat at the counter and watched this precise vacuum coffee method which was quiet with no annoying bells and whistles going off.
The coffee was hot and strong when poured and the tiny pitcher of cream helped balance the flavor.
I learned the Chiffon cake is made in house and goes well with the coffee for an afternoon pick me up.
I spotted Yoko behind the register and she was gracious enough to have her picture taken with me. She imitated stirring in a bowl, meaning the cake is made in-house.

Evian Coffee Shop has been in business for many years and is a place to visit near the very popular mall in Kobe.  Kinda reminded me of having lunch in the Copper Penny restaurant in our local mall. Take a break and unwind before more shopping.