Puerto Montt, Chile: Fresh Seafood

Flapping fish tails, coiled seaweed and octopus from the Chilean coastal town of Puerto Montt will soon become part of our gastronomical lunch.

The Pan American Highway   

At the southern end of the Pan American Highway – with 30,000+ miles from the top of Alaska to this scenic town – we departed the cruise ship and met Chef Richard Knobloch for a gourmet meal.

Buying the freshest ingredients

We walked in the rain with Chef Knobloch to the local fishmongers, and he selected the freshest fish while explaining the varieties and offered us a sample of local sea urchin, a delicacy. Next we stopped at Juanita’s organic farm, picking the day’s best produce for our grand meal – including raspberries for dessert.

A German looking town in Chile

Chef Knobloch, originally from Germany, cooked the meal in his restaurant, A Fuego Lento. It was only a few miles away on the edge of the lake resort town Puerto Varas. Settled by Germans in the 1900s, Bavarian-style houses overlook the lake, part of Chile’s diverse flavor.

Pisco sour with avocado

Chef created his scrumptious meal of ceviche (barnacle, mussels, octopus and seaweed), fish soup and Chilean hake fish and lunch was served. Restaurant owner Marisol prepared his specialty drinks of pisco sour and pisco avocado using handmade liqueurs. The avocado was a smooth and creamy addition.

A Chilean fusion meal is a fun adventure. Contact Chef Knoblach atRichardKnobloch@vtr.net.   This article was revised from the original article.

San Diego ReaderPublished February 2010: sandiegoreader.com
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