A beautiful and sunny day in Gastown, Vancouver, BC with stops into Canada’s famous Roger’s Chocolates, and a maple leaf store stocked with maple syrups on bustling Water Street.   A steam clock which looks old and really isn’t, chimes on the quarter-hour and steam pours from the top keeping the clock running smoothly.  This area used to be the commercial center in the early 1900’s since it was so close to the Burrard inlet and then renovated years later with newer businesses.   It’s a fun instrument to watch as the steam rolls around the sky and the chimes make a happy tone.

A few blocks over on W.Pender Street is the Umbrella store-full of various, shapes, sizes and colored umbrellas.  What a whimsical shop with lots of umbrellas and wish I could have bought a few but don’t need them where I live-darn.

Steam comes out of the clock