When a pastry chef tells me he graduated from culinary school in Switzerland, I stand at attention.  Chef Carl Zeitsen and his wife Melina (also a baker) own Eccentric International Chefs Bakery in Santee and make exquisite wedding cakes and cakes for all occasions.

Melina decorates a cake

Melina decorates a cake

Chef Zeitsen’s resume includes making desserts at resorts in Monte Carlo, Asia, Hawaii and Hollywood.  He has a few tales to tell about celebrities but I wanted to know where he gets his ingredients. Oh yes, his bakery uses European butter and chocolates!

The popular vanilla cake with raspberry ganache filling and whip cream is on my list, who do I know with a birthday coming up soon? For now I’ll load up on cookies and cupcakes.

Eccentric International Chef’s Bakery

8925 Carlton Hills Blvd, Santee, Ca  www.eccentricinternationalchefs.com

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