Oh cannoli in Taormina, Sicily. As we docked in the port I snapped this picture of the setting moon and the Mt Etna volcano.

Then I was on the search for cannoli. I happened into a shop selling cannoli with cream and pistachio. Pablo graciously had his picture taken with me as I held the cannoli and before any pistachios fell to the floor.

One can never eat too many cannoli!

Here it is, Arancini rice balls and I watched them being made at Cristina Rosticceia in Taormina. The rice balls are stuffed with ragu and mozzarella cheese, rolled in bread crumbs and then fried. And very filling.

Cristina’s serves food to go, like pizzas and breads and lots of people came in to buy during lunch time. It’s a family business and each person had their food making job.

Mamma Mia!