I saved my Brownie and Girl Scout uniforms plus the books and decided to go down memory lane from years ago.  I can’t believe I was small enough to wear the uniforms! I remembered the days of selling Girl Scout cookies. I’d go door to door selling cookies and not stop until I sold them all.  I found a recipe for homemade thin mint cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction site and they were easy to make. The chocolate mint cookies dipped in chocolate tasted like the real thing. You can’t eat just one.

Speaking of Girl Scouts, two years ago on a trip to Savannah, Georgia, we visited the first headquarters for the Girl Scouts which had been the carriage house for Scout founder Juliette Low.  Juliette Low continues to be revered in Savannah and GS troops arrive to learn the history about the organization.  Our adult niece had been involved with her local troop for many years and she was able to visit the museum and gift store during our trip.  Paying tribute to someone’s organization who helped shape our lives was a special time.

Girl Scout founder Juliette Low

Monument for Girl Scout Founder Juliette Low

Girl Scouts skills have stayed with us throughout our lives.

Julilette Low in her garden

Juliette Low in her garden