Ask anyone who knows LA where to get a good sandwich and they will tell you Philippe’s, home of the original French dipped sandwich.

Rosario has happily worked here for 40 years and her cheery face is as fresh as the day she started.

Opened since 1908 and serving meals from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. It’s not the usual French dipped, the bottom piece of bread is dipped in the roast beef au jus and meat layered on top of this tasty and beefy juice.

One story is French owner Philippe Mathieu accidentally dropped the roll in the juice and that’s how it became French dipped.
Another is, policeman French ate the sandwich after Philippe dropped the bread in the roll and later brought his friends back for more of these sandwiches and it became known as French dipped because of the police officer’s name. Great sandwich no matter the origin.
#Philippe the Original