Plymouth Rock, that’s what I was taught where the pilgrims landed and Thanksgiving feasts began.  On our drive through Cape Cod we came to the town of Providence Town also known as “P town”.   At the very end of the cape known as the fist for the shape of the cape sits the coastline where the pilgrims landed before going to Plymouth.  Originally aiming for the Hudson river, the Mayflower caught in bad weather, landed in Ptown and made friends with the native Indians and corn.  They also found fresh water in Providence springs and eventually made it to Plymouth to settle in.
 In the Pilgrim musuem is a lovely portrait of the pilgrims coming off the Mayflower, all dressed up as if attending their first Thanksgiving dinner, cleaned and pressed layered clothing with hats and bonnets, I think the real pilgrims would tell a different story.
On the way back we just had to stop at PJ’s clam shack in Wellsfleet and dived into the plates of clams with their bellies attached adding to the succulent flavor.  And more lobster!