Around Tucson there is a certain hot dog everyone knows about. Like the secret handshake, I got the scoop about the “famous” Sonoran hot dog.  Hands down from all my reliable sources, I was told to only eat them at the original location of El Guero Canelo on S. 12th St, Tucson.  When Chris heard they also had a meat market down the street, off we went.


Daniel Contreas, born in Sonora, years ago started a hot dog stand in Tucson serving hot dogs as made in Sonora, Mexico and now he has multiple locations and a loyal following.

It’s a hot dog wrapped in bacon, topped with pinto beans, grilled onions, fresh onion, tomato, mayo, mustard and jalapeno sauce laying inside a freshly made bolilo roll. At $2.78, it’s messy and so good.

hot dog

Hot dog wrapped in bacon beans, onions, mayo, tomato and more

I even tried a sample of their carne asada and boy oh boy, flavorful without being spicy.

Meanwhile at the meat market, Chris talked with the manager who told him the meat for carne asada  only needs salt and maybe a dash of  comino (cumin) and then bbq. House make chorizo and other cuts of meat are vacuum sealed and ready to go.


Thank goodness we had plenty of ice for the ride home. #ElGuerocanelo @ElGuerocanelo



5201 S 12th St Tucson, AZ 520.295.5201