The vibrant green hills were stunning as we docked to visit Derry, Northern Ireland.

Derry, Northern Ireland green hillside

Derry, Northern Ireland

The Derry Girls TV show is filmed here and a mural of the characters is prominently displayed on the side of Badgers Bar and Restaurant.

Badgers Restauranr

Badgers Restaurant Derry Northern Ireland










I popped in for lunch and ordered seafood chowder which came with Guinness bread and fries. A hearty meal and so filling!

Fish stew and Guinness bread at Badgers Bar

Fish stew and Guinness bread










As I walked passed Guildhall, a wedding was about to start. The groom paced around and soon the wedding would start in the hall with an impressive pipe organ and stained glass windows.









On display are 3 peace prizes awarded to John Hume, awarded by Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and the Nobel Peace Prize.

Peace prize awarded to John Hume for peace negotiations

Peace prize awarded to John Hume

Although my time exploring this part of Northern Ireland was short, the scenery, food and people left a lasting impression.