I am not a neat packer or one of those that travels the world with one carry-on to tide me over for months at a time.

Here are a few things I pack for weather and comfort-

Denali Dreams Midnight Sun Gardner’s Salve.  I found this smooth balm in Alaska and it works wonders on mosquito and other insect bites.  My friend took it to Haiti and it was a big help from all those mosquitoes.

Natural lotions for dry skin and my favorite bath gels for relaxing baths and in case the hotels have harsh soaps for the shower.

I order sun protective clothing from Coolibar.com and they have a wide variety shirts, hats, pants and swim wear to protect against the harsh sun. Easy to pack and wash and dry on trips.

For winter trips I shop at REI for heavy cotton and wool socks, heavy long underwear and light weight pants to wear over the long underwear.

Practical items to make travel a bit easier are-

a power strip for all the electronic stuff needing recharging.

cell phone charger for car (handy for rental cars)

extra light hangers

large and small ziplock bags

LL Bean packable duffel bag in case I need an extra suitcase

packable sun hat and winter hat

snack bars just in case I’m stuck somewhere

expandable day trip bag for purchases, sun screen, water, etc

travel mug for lots of coffee or tea

extra ATM cards in case one account is comprised

good ole notepad and pen