Another adventure begins! We couldn’t wait to met new grand nephew, Cecil Oliver Hinshaw on Martha’s Vineyard. And of course, there were plenty of side trips…and a transatlantic cruise.

So off we went with many miles to cover and first stop was Boston.  After our plane landed and we checked into the hotel, we headed out for dinner.

East Boston has some of the best down home cooked Italian food in Boston. Rino’s Place was featured on Guy’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives so we gave it a try. The place is small and wait time can be an hour-outside in the cold because there’s no room to wait inside. Totally worth it! Appetizer of arancini rice balls and shrimp with limoncello sauce.


and main course of chicken carozella finished in lemon sage sauce and topped with mozzarella. Fettuccine was the fresh pasta of the day. Oh why is east coast Italian food so good!


While in East Boston we happened upon family run Pueblo Viejo Salvadorian restaurant which is full of love. Maria and her sister own a few Salvadorian restaurants close by and explained their food to us. Pupusa are a favorite and stuffed with cheese and vegetables, then fried flat. It’s meant to be eaten with curtido cole slaw and topped with their salsa and really tasty. Dessert was canoa rellena which is a fried plantain shaped like a canoe and filled with a sweet milk mixture.
It was a delicious experience eating different Latin foods than our west coast style.


A road trip to Vermont sounded appealing and that’s coming up next!


Rino’s Place

258 Saratoga St, Boston, MA

Pueblo Viejo

170 Marion St Boston, MA  617.561.0011