Our last night in Lisbon and we decided to have dinner at the highly acclaimed Leao D ‘Ouro.  The restaurant is a historic restaurant since 1842 and located in the bustling shopping area of Baixa.

On the way, I asked our uber driver if the meat was good there since I had eaten plenty of fish on this trip. He replied, when you are in Portugal you eat fish! No meat!

Inside the restaurant, the tile designs were so beautiful and the entire place was clean and organized. Mother’s Day is a week earlier in Portugal than in the USA, and all the tables were set and ready for Mother’s Day customers.  We arrived early enough to get a table since Europeans generally dine later than West Coast travelers.

I ordered the fresh fish to stay local and my fish dinner was cooked over a grate and included the whole fish. The cooked fish was easy to filet at the table and was simple and very good with a splash of lemon juice.

Earlier, I had done some shopping  and purchased a cork handbag. Portugal’s cork trees produce enough cork to make more than wine corks and are a sustainable item.  My compact purse is perfect for future travels.

The three weeks of adventures had come to an end giving lasting memories and new friendships.

Why, just the other day, a woman I met on the cruise invited me to visit her in Scotland. now, that’s tempting!