Oasis Adult Learning offers intriguing classes such as exploring destinations by train. Former Amtrak employee Dennis Sullivan gave tips for using Amtrak trains, the Coaster, Sprinter, Metrolink, light rail and how they connect for travel.

Mr. Sullivan rattled off train numbers and time schedules to LA, Seattle and Chicago. So many possibilities! I could tell he had worked on trains as he pointed out empty seats to those arriving late and the exits in the building!

Mr. Sullivan had schedules of trains and other transportation

I learned there is plenty of parking at the Oceanside transit center and from there its easy to take the many different modes of transportation which travel North, South and East.  I’ve ridden Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner from San Diego’s Spanish style Santa Fe station and since it’s the beginning of the line, many seats are available. They also offer assistance for the handicapped and elderly at this station. The route goes along the ocean with beautiful scenery and some points make you feel like you are on the water’s edge. What a thrill this is for vacationers who have never seen the Pacific Ocean.

On previous trips, I found transit stations such as Anaheim and Irvine are designed with modern architecture and easy to negotiate.  From there, Uber or Lyft are usually in the area to final destinations.

I’m planning a trip soon using his information, but where to??  There is a whole subway system throughout the Los Angeles area from Union Station which I could explore.  After class I looked it up on the internet along with the Metro system which goes out of greater Los Angeles.

All this makes sense for leaving the car and taking relaxing public transportation.