Cruising into Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, the limestone formations are quite a sight to behold. They are majestic looking and one of those wonders of the world, like Stonehenge.  Our Capt made sure we had exceptional views by going slow while approaching the many formations for optimal picture taking opportunities.

Many passengers chose the excursion to explore the caves under the formations, but we walked along the waterfront until spotting the Nha Hang Hong Hanh Restaurant.  The two story white building had a welcoming entry way and we sat downstairs as a large party of well dressed people went up stairs.

Our server, Vui, helped us to order from the menu and then showed me around the complex. Downstairs held very clean fish tanks with fresh arrivals from the sea.  And then the dessert case with beautifully decorated cakes. Vui, who was soft spoken, told me she loves to practice her English by singing to Back Street Boys songs.  After she sang a few lines to me, I’m sure talent agents may be calling her soon!

If you’re thinking about visiting Vietnam, the coastal areas are being developed for the tourist trade and the landscape is quickly changing.  We heard many times from the Vietnamese tour guides that the war is in the past and everyone is welcome to visit.

Areas we had heard about in history such as Da Nang’s China Beach and Marble Mountain are becoming resort destinations. The landscape is dotted with golf courses and upscale hotels, many US 5 star hotels and spas. A time to ponder the past and future…