Chicken wings, the staple of my teenage nephew’s diet.  He’s eaten them wherever sold and even at our local Italian restaurant which just doesn’t seem right.  Can’t he eat normal like spaghetti and meatballs?

Searching for more wings, we ventured to Pacific Beach, the beach area hang out for young people in San Diego.  Dirty Birds restaurant is all about wings with lots of varieties from sweet to spicy and in-between.   Ordering  the wings # 1 style is no heat and up to #5 is really hot made with a fresh roasted habanera sauce, it’s a pick your poison kind of place.  Thank goodness for the pitchers of beer and sodas to wash it all down.

We ate the tender garlic and herb, honey mustard, dirty blue and then next to order were PB and J.  Now, that is an interesting combo, peanut butter and jelly.  The PB and J are known as “wish wings” because $1 from each order is donated to the Make a Wish Foundation.  Once the wings come out of the fryer, they are tossed in peanut butter and then drizzled with strawberry jelly.   For such a different take on traditional wings, these tasted moist and blended well with the chicken.

The restaurant is locally owned and after 5 years of serving over 30,000 wings a month, has grown in popularity.   And for those in a different eating mood, other options such as pork sliders, burgers, shrimp and tater tots are on the menu.

Plump and satisfied, Dirty Birds left us happily clucking.

Dirty Birds Restaurant

4645 Mission Blvd, San Diego, Ca 92109


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