Xiamen, China is a port city across from Taiwan and it reminded me of Singapore with lush trees and long strolling avenues.

As I walked through shops along the port, I spotted the fried scallion pancakes prepared by a nice family.  I was excited to eat a pancake since I was intrigued about them from TV food shows and it was tasty.

Exploring the parkway, I spotted huge grapefruits being sold and was offered a sample. They had no bitter or sour taste like the ones in California.  I ordered a refreshing cold grapefruit drink and noticed the huge citrus press to squeeze out the juice (my citrus presses are much smaller).  Citrus fruits are universal favorites.

Still having Chinese Yuan to spend, I popped into a tea shop with thoughts of buying tea for gifts.

I bought Dahongpao tea and legend has it after drinking some, I’ll look younger and have superior health. I bought plenty!

Once I was back on board the ship, it was time to pack up to return home.  The grapefruit drink and tea gave me the energy to do so.