Please Note-Grove Pastry Shop has permanently closed

I happily remember my first whipped cream cake and have devoured many of the luscious layered cakes filled with custard and raspberry in thirty something years. Grove Pastry Shop is the shining star in Lemon Grove for baking creamy cakes, buttery pastries and yeasty breads.

Bear claw and Danish

Bear claw and Danish

Owner Teresa Johnson is gratified they bake and decorate from scratch and are a full service bakery where quality is most important. Kids who had many festive birthday cakes come back for wedding cakes and now their kid’s cakes, such emotional ties.

Teresa grew up sewing her own clothes and her eye for design has carried over to customized cakes like this fanciful cabaret cake. Sweetness rolls out of here in different shaped pink boxes and I’m dreaming of my next cake! #Artisticweddingcakesbythegrove  #Grovepastryshop

Teresa's latest fun designed cake

Teresa’s latest fun designed cake

Grove Pastry Shop

3308 Main Street

Lemon Grove, Ca 91945