Departing from the U.S. border, in-between San Diego’s Otay Mesa and San Ysidro ports of entry, the privately-owned crossing is an enclosed bridge spanning both countries.  Flying out of Tijuana has become quick and easy.

Tijuana has been known for less expensive flights to vacation spots in Mexico, but rather a hassle to get to the airport.  Times have changed and now an efficient way to arrive to the airport is here.

The Cross Border Xpress is a modern and easy way for boarding flights out of Tijuana without stepping foot in the city. This new border crossing is partially in the USA and Mexico. But how can that be?

Cross Border Xpress, Otay Mesa, USA to Tijuana, Mexico airport

How the Crossing Works for Flight Passengers  

To access the crossing, passengers flying out of Tijuana must have a ticket for departure within 24 hours. If landing in Tijuana, passengers can cross into the U.S. within two hours.

I reached out to travel and wine writer/blogger Erika Beach about her experience using the modern crossing.  Erika has crossed into Tijuana several times over the years from San Diego’s long-standing border crossing and the new Cross Border Xpress is a world of difference to her.  Erika uses the Tijuana airport to take advantage of direct flights to many locations not offered from the US and flights are considerably less expensive.

A one-way crossing is $16 and roundtrip is $30.  It is recommended to pay for the crossing in advance at  Erika agreed buying the pass through this website is easy and assists with a smooth two-way transition.

The 390 Ft Crossing Used by Thousands

Since opening in December 2015, over four thousand passengers use the crossing bridge each day. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers are stationed on the U.S. side 24 hours a day, and once crossing the skywalk half way, Mexican Immigration and Customs officers process departing passengers. Then it’s on to the plane, ready for the vacation.

Always keep in mind, traveling to different countries requires knowledge of immigration and customs rules and regulations. Check your country’s’ laws and the laws of the country you wish to visit to be prepared and not encounter any troubling issues.

Helpful websites are-  (US Customs and Border Protection)…

Convenient parking and off-site parking is available by searching the internet and there is assistance for disabled passengers.  Many passengers arrive to crossing by Uber, taxi’s and Lyft.

The world is your oyster by using the Cross Border Xpress.

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