Picking your own freshly grown strawberries is family fun and refreshing in the U Pick strawberry fields of Carlsbad, Ca.  Big red and juicy strawberries hang gracefully from the vibrant green plants, dangling in the farm fields waiting to be picked under the bright sun.

This popular north county attraction is open April through July and the southern California sunshine makes the strawberries juicy and sweet.   Aviary Farms has been growing the prime strawberries since 1948 and families enjoy picking the best of the crop with plastic buckets in hand.  A wonderful day adventure with parents and young ones strolling the bountiful vineyards. People can be seen putting one strawberry in the bucket and nibbling another to enjoy the lush taste.

Large buckets are $18 and small buckets are $8.75. For those that choose to not pick their own strawberries, ready picked strawberries in various sized containers are for sale at the entrance booth.  Strawberries are low in fat, high in vitamin C and are good for smoothies and salads.

Website www.carlsbadstrawberrycompany.com has information about hours and locations of the strawberry stands and also a link to recipes.  Looking for a recipe other than strawberry pie, I made the strawberry-pecan bread because it sounded different.  The recipe was easy to follow and baked nicely in a loaf pan. The 2 teaspoons of cinnamon seemed like a lot but it enhanced the flavors in the sweet bread.  Spreading cream cheese on a slice made for a tasty snack with a cup of hot tea.

Aviary Farms Manager, Pete Mackauf told me this is one of the few farms in San Diego where customers can harvest fresh produce right from the farm.   He also said the popularity has continued to grow with this healthy and fun outside activity.  Open daily 9 a.m.-5 p.m. located at freeway I-5, Cannon Rd exit at Paseo del Norte, near the beautiful flower fields of Carlsbad.

Be sure to bring water in case it’s hot and cash since no credit cards are accepted.  The family will have a berry good time.

U Pick Strawberries

Interstate 5 at Cannon Rd, Carlsbad


Fresh and sweet strawberries ready for picking
Fresh and sweet strawberries ready for picking
      Photo credit:
        M’Liss Hinshaw

strawberry and pecan bread

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