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Ghent, a beautiful city with Van Hecke's chocolates

Ghent, a beautiful city with Van Hecke’s chocolates

One step inside Van Hecke’s in charming Ghent, Belgium, with the aromas of butter and chocolate floating through the air and I swooned. Florent Van Hecke is 3rd generation chocolatier and baker at the family’s shop with a personality as sweet as his store. His son Stephen has learned the trade and was busy making...
Chocolates, waffles and beer-it's Belgium

Chocolates, waffles and beer-it’s Belgium

Antwerp, Belgium-chocolate, waffles and beer. The country does them all well! Health Elixir D’Anvers made with 32 plants and herbs in 37% liqueur used to have a strange taste so it was infused into some chocolates to get all the healthy benefits. Since the Elixir cures horse colic, I figured it could help my cold...
Spring time river cruise has it all

Spring time river cruise has it all

It will be like returning home to Amawaterways  AmaLyra ship leaving Amsterdam March 24, 2015.  No more than 150 passengers and plenty of well trained crew for top notch service. The beauty of river cruising is that you’re never far from land and don’t go out into rough seas. It’s as if the old time...