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Honolulu Baby-How I Love Their Foods

Honolulu Baby-How I Love Their Foods

Every few years, I like to go to Honolulu and eat favorite foods just like the locals do every day. Known for long wait times in Waikiki, Eggs ‘n Things, the check in person at the restaurant on Saratoga Road, told  my cousin Ann and me that the wait would be an hour.  Happily, the...

IFWTWA Hawaiian conference filled with sunshine,super food and lovely people

Hilton Hawaiian Village, our host hotel for the conference, rolled out the red carpet for attendees and filled us with delicious food made by their talented chef and staff.  Beautifully displayed on several tables were (among many dishes) Balinese style chicken sate and fresh sushi but the show stopper was the colorful fry pan filled with...

The “Mighty Mo”

It’s my mom’s 85th birthday soon and since she had always wanted to see the surrender deck on the USS Missouri, we went to visit the famous battleship at Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, Hawaii. We visited Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial over 10 years ago and now there is an expansive Pearl Harbor visitors...

Chris’ new panama hat in Honolulu

A Panama style hat made in Ecuador of Toquilla straw, a great find at Straw Garden in Honolulu, part of Panama Hat Line.
Hand-Made Leis at Lin's Lei Shop  Honolulu

Hand-Made Leis at Lin’s Lei Shop Honolulu

“Oh, that plumeria lei smells good,” said the mainland tourist. “Tuberose,” said the native Hawaiian woman, one of the most scented fragrant flowers on the islands and so beautiful too.  Within minutes of wearing my tuberose lei, the sweet and lingering fragrance brought lots of attention to the delicate white flowers perfectly strung together. Lei...

Neighborhood eateries in Honolulu

My friend pulled out her list of highly rated and inexpensive restaurants near Waikiki and we headed to Pioneer Saloon on Monsarrat Ave near Diamond Head.  This residential area is like North Park in San Diego where the authentic and fun dining happens among the locals. Pioneer Saloon is not a saloon or western by...
MLiss Travels

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