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Discovering Philly's South Side

Discovering Philly’s South Side

My friend wanted me to experience the old Italian section of Philadelphia and she drove us there which isn’t far from downtown Philly.  She had to drive because there isn’t public transportation to go there.  South Street, 8th and 9th St, are so worth visiting. Rows of butcher shops, some only selling turkey, meats and...
Philly's Murals and Mosaics

Philly’s Murals and Mosaics

Odd shaped blue, red and yellow colored glass cut into different formations and creative painted murals liven up murky walls in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The usually nondescript walls lining Philly’s alleyways reflect years of wear and tear in these desolate-looking narrow spaces. But throughout the city, many such walls have been transformed into bright and lively...