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More Genuine Mexican Food in San Diego

More Genuine Mexican Food in San Diego

Chilaquiles with or without a fried egg? I must have the egg with a runny yolk to drizzle over, but Chris’ mom, Norma wanted her dish without an egg. Talavera Azul in Chula Vista, Calif is very well known for their varieties of chilaquiles. The traditional dish (not to be confused with nachos) is made...
Here's why I come to eat in Greenwich Village

Here’s why I come to eat in Greenwich Village

Walking around Greenwich Village and the West Village is always full of authentic New York sightseeing. Each block holds their own specialties with shoe and clothing stores, plus food! A favorite of mine is Pasticceria Rocco on Bleecker St for their scrumptious lobster rolls. I also indulged on this flaky Italian pastry filled with cannoli...
Forget the fondue, it's the meat in Zurich

Forget the fondue, it’s the meat in Zurich

It was time for a change, bring back traditional Swiss food from the land to the plate. Hung’ER Butchers Shop and Restaurant in the Park Hyatt Zurich is more than locally sourced. Chef de Cuisine Frank Widmer has been working exclusively with a butcher in the village Jona who makes sausages, dry ages meat and...