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Germany's Brandy and Pancakes

Germany’s Brandy and Pancakes

Rudesheim, Germany is home to wines and smooth Asbach brandy. The making of Rudesheimer Coffee is to heat the brandy by using a flame, pour in coffee and top with lots of pure whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. Kamila skillfully made the drinks which gave me a good night’s sleep!                ...
Village Kitchen and Pie Shoppe, Carlsbad

Village Kitchen and Pie Shoppe, Carlsbad

Do you want white, wheat, rye, sourdough toast or cinnamon roll?  Yes, a cinnamon roll made in house at Village Kitchen and Pie Shoppe on Tamarack Ave, Carlsbad.  The potato pancake is festive green because the parsley, garlic and onions are pureed and added to the potatoes. Add scrambled eggs, a biscuit and gravy and...