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Beverly Hills' Lawry's Prime Rib: The Taste Is in the Silver Cart

Beverly Hills’ Lawry’s Prime Rib: The Taste Is in the Silver Cart

My dining extravaganza began with a spinning salad as dressing was poured from high above and the bowl spun in a mesmeric rotation. I tried to finish my salad until being distracted by the silver cart brought tableside and loaded with slow roasted prime rib roasts. Lawry’s The Prime Rib in Beverly Hills, California, opened...
Bully's local flair never fades

Bully’s local flair never fades

It’s known for tender prime rib, juicy steaks, creamy baked potatoes and cheese laden French onion soup. Bully’s Restaurant off hilly Texas St has been in the same roundabout parking lot since 1971 starting from an A&W root beer stand. Remember the days of getting off work and hanging out at a local watering hole?...