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Germany's Brandy and Pancakes

Germany’s Brandy and Pancakes

Rudesheim, Germany is home to wines and smooth Asbach brandy. The making of Rudesheimer Coffee is to heat the brandy by using a flame, pour in coffee and top with lots of pure whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. Kamila skillfully made the drinks which gave me a good night’s sleep!                ...
Wine River/Rhine River Cruise on AMAWaterways

Wine River/Rhine River Cruise on AMAWaterways

  Rhine river castle and vineyard Passionate about wines, this was just the right river cruise.  And I learned, it’s not about red or white wines and how to pair with food, it’s drinking what you like.  That’s a refreshing concept. I boarded the AMAWaterways ship in Basel, Switzerland on a chilly November afternoon but...